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Wireless Mesh Network pushes forward the trend for wireless cities. Azalea leads the wireless era.

As global digital construction proceeds, wireless mesh network is labelled as the next generation wireless network technology for its unique economical and technical merits, and is more and more adopted world wide. In the construction of wireless municipal, wireless mesh network have gradually become the mainstream technology, especially in the metropolitan cities, such as Philadelphia , San Francisco and Taipei .

In 2006, the number of projects associated with building wireless municipal using wireless mesh technologies have increased by more than 80% compared with 2005. In-Stat reports that number of such projects will increase from the current figure of 400 to above 1200 in year 2010. Singapore even adopts wireless mesh technologies for her iNation 2015 project, targeting to convert the entire area into a “wireless country”.

International giants such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Microsoft are proactively pioneering into the business of wireless mesh network equipments. This definitely declares that a revolution in the next generation wireless broadband will be lead by wireless mesh network technologies. Microsoft has stated that wireless mesh network is the best interfacing media between telecommunication and internetworking.

As wireless mesh network technologies are widely adopted globally, this has provided an advanced starting point in the market in China . In the mainland, the technologies are starting to be adopted in constructing wireless cities. While Beijing and Jiading district of Shanghai are proceeding with the constructions as planned, Tianjin and Shenzhen are setting up experimenting points. MORE

New Wireless Experience in the Back Lakes

Houhai (the Back Lakes, 後海) is the region situated in Northeastern part of Xicheng (West District) in Beijing.  Its name originated from the Back Sea, which together with Qianhai (the Front Sea) and Xihai (the West Sea) forms the Shichahai lake area, or Heyan (Riverbank) in former times.

Night View of Houhai

Figure 1. Night view of HouHai

Recently, as tourist projects develop, services of various characteristics, especially restaurants, bars and other entertainment spots, have filled the region. Yet because resources are limited, broadband coverage has been minimal, if not null. MORE