iMac Lock

iMac Security Plate Lock

Quick Overview

iMac High Security Plate Lock

Top selling iMac High Security Lock for Education, Healthcare, Corporate and Government.

This high Security, iMac Security swivel Plate Lock, provides outstanding theft and safety protection for your iMac.

  • Designed specifically for the iMac
  • Prevents accidental knock over
  • No adhesive or alteration to iMac
  • Masterkeyed
  • Cable free
  • Low-profile, aesthetically pleasing design
  • 360 degree Swivel plate

Ordering Model No: iMac-Lock- High-Security-CL-88

iMac Security Plate Lock explained

保安 + 轉盤 = 一物二用


iMac 強力保安轉盤鎖


  • 特別為iMac 所設計
  • 不會意外反鎖
  • 不需要使用膠水 – 不讓膠水在iMac留下污積
  •  一條主匙開關
  • 保持美觀 – 不再需要使用索帶
  • 360 度可旋轉移動

購買款號: iMac-Lock- High-Security-CL-88



iMac Cable Lock

Quick Overview

iMac Security Cable Lock

This iMac Lock – iMac Security Cable Lock, is Perfect against theft or unwanted borrowing. Compatible with most iMac Computers utilizing their built in security slot. Includes or unique and patented Peripheral trap which protects the Keyboard, mouse and power adapter cables.
The Lock is made from 100% stainless steel construction. The loop-ended security cable is made from galvanized steel and thicker than standard cables on the market.

The cable can be looped around a stationary object in the office, or you can purchase an Anchoring unit to create a place for securing the Cable.

This locks is a best seller in the Education and Corporate Market.


  • 6 foot Thick Steel Security Cable
  • High Security two piece Stainless Steel Security Lock Head
  • Two Keys

Ordering Model No: CL-72-Mac

Other option: – High Security Four Dial Steel Security Lock Head (lower left picture)

Ordering Model No: iMac-Lock-CL37COMBO

Other option: Anchor point (lower right picture)


iMac 萬能鋼鑬鎖

此配有專利的鎖鏈專為iMac 所設計。根據iMac背後的保安槽,安裝上MacLocks 後可一次性鎖好鏈盤、滑鼠及電源線。鎖鏈是100%由不鏽鋼造成,它的另一端特別鍍過鋅的加工製造令它更為堅固。配上Maclocks 的固定點 (Anchor Point),使它固定於柱主之上。



  •  6 呎長鑬帶
  • 不鏽鋼鎖頭
  • 鎖匙2條


購買款號: CL-72-Mac

其他選擇: –  可設四位數字密碼鎖 (左下圖)

購買款號: iMac-Lock-CL37COMBO

配件: 固定點 Anchor point (右下圖)

iMac Combination Cable Lock