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China’s first total wireless broadband indoor network is established in the Central University of Nationalities

The Central University of Nationalities (CUN) announced that the first phase of Wireless Campus was officially in operation. Unlike traditional wired or wireless LAN that requires multi-tiered network switches and many of cables and sockets to reach every user, they have deployed the wireless mesh networking technology from Azalea where only ONE wired network connection is required for the whole Arts Building. Beside providing teachers, students and staffs high quality network access, they can also enjoy wireless VoIP and video streaming applications anywhere within the coverage thanks to the telecom-graded roaming and stability of Azalea’s equipment.

Central University of Nationalities

The CUN is one of the most prestigious universities of China. The new Arts Building is also a symbol to the University. To provide a state-of-the-art information platform throughout the building was also one of their aims. The interior architecture of the building was quite complex, however laying large cable ducts and heavy construction was? strictly prohibited by the university council. Common Hot Spot solution has difficulties in coping with their predicted growing network usage, especially for mobile staffs. So, their IT department decided to count on the wireless mesh technology from Azalea. In this project, MSR1000 wireless mesh routers were used and installed at strategic locations to give seamless 802.11a/b/g coverage. The installation works were taken place even during the normal teaching hours without any disturbance. In the future, when concentrated or heavy usage is identified, like having academic conference in certain lecture theatre, all they need to do is simply power up an extra wireless mesh router in situ. The abilities of self-configured, self-healing, self-managed and self-discovered greatly reduced the administrative workloads for the IT department.

Central University of Nationalities

Azalea is appearing at the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 Hong Kong

The most prestige exhibition and conference in the telecom industry, the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 is going to take place from 4 Dec 2006 to 8 Dec 2006 at the Hong Kong Asia World Expo. It is the first time ever for such important event to be held outside Geneva, Switzerland. The major theme for this event will be ‘Living the Digital World’ and topics around the impacts of advancements in ICT are going to bring about. Over 700 exhibitors from 34 countries around the world will be participating in the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006. Azalea Networks, Inc. is proud to be one of the exhibitors.

Azalea will demonstrate her latest wireless mesh network equipments during the exhibition, which includes the network management system, NMS1000, the indoor wireless mesh router, MSR1000 and the outdoor wireless mesh router MSR2000. Also, Azalea will announce her latest and most powerful outdoor 4-radio wireless mesh router, the MSR4000 on the spot! Azalea’s CEO Mr. Wu will participate in the ‘Building a Wireless City’ Roundtable Discussion at the China Pavilion, 10am – 11am 6 Dec 2006.

Azalea is dedicated in the research and development of wireless mesh networking technologies and has over 30 patent-pending core technologies.

ITU Telecom World 2006
Hong Kong Asia World Expo
Hall 10
Booth 10043

Azalea Networks exhibits at ITU World 2006 with Leapa

Azalea helped Xiamen University to create a Wireless Digital Campus

On the 15 Nov, 2006, Azalea has successfully completed the ‘Wireless Digital Campus’ for the Xiamen University in China. About 380,000 meter square of campus, comprises of two science buildings, a lecture hall, a laboratory building and an administration office building having 38,541 meter square of built up areas. This is the new campus of Xiamen University dedicated for computer science and engineering researches. Based on the original wired network, Azalea has extended the network services to cover every corner of the campus wirelessly. Professors, students and staffs can now enjoy the exciting true mobile broadband experience. The new wireless infrastructure opens up many rooms for the University to create new applications for her professors, students and staffs.