The Pole iPad Kiosk

iPad Stand with Cable Management

Maclocks pole stand


Quick Overview

The Pole iPad Kiosk – iPad Stand with Cable Management

Enclosure Versions for:
iPad 2,3,4,Air,Air 2
iPad Mini
iPad Pro

The Maclocks Pole iPad Kiosk is the next in the line of iPad security display products that offers full cable management. Ideal for use as a display kiosk or information stand specifically in high volume areas. You can be confident that your device will stay continually connected and secure.

Fully constructed of high-grade aluminum for maximum security that won’t bend or break creating a tamper proof solution for your iPad deployment.

The Pole iPad stand displays your iPad at a 60 degree angle for comfortable viewing and encourages engagement. With smooth rotation between landscape and portrait modes you can easily display a wide range of content and utilize any app.
With a minimal amount of setup required you can have your iPad enclosure kiosk ready to go in just a few minutes.

The Pole is a great Kiosk for any business or public display environment including: Retail, Museum, Arenas, Malls, Schools, Hospitals and many more!

• Cable and wire management
• Durable high grade aluminum build
• Rotates between portrait and landscape

• Diameter: 3cm
• Base: 8cm
• Space under pole: 22cm
• Length from base to panel: 19cm

maclocks ipad pole stand


iPad Pole Stand iPad 柱子線纜管理保安台

此款柱狀保安台的賣點在於把線纜管理著 (cable management), 非常適合用作顯示亭或信息站,收藏好的電源線可維持整個設計的簡潔美感。高階的金屬材料,通過測試証明令柱子不易彎曲或斷裂,保持最大的安全性。

不論是橫向和縱向的安裝好iPad後,屏幕將會置於眼水平線的60度角,令你可以最舒適方式去使用iPad,尋找你需要的資訊。柱子iPad 台安裝簡單容易, 短短幾分鐘即可完成。它合適於零售,博物館,商場,學校,醫院,還有更多!


•直徑1: 3厘米
•直徑2: 8厘米
•在極空間: 22厘米
•長度從底部到面板: 19厘米