2.0 Universal Tablet Security Stand


universal tablet holder



可360度璇轉的IPAD 支架鎖盤!

Quick Overview

Cling 2.0 Universal Tablet Security Stand – Universal Tablet Security Stand


Securing your tablet is a re-designed bracket clamp and stand base. The most notable update to the stand is now the mount base comes with 3M VHB adhesive as well as hidden screw holes, so there is no damage during installation.


The Cling 2.0 bracket can still rotate between portrait and landscape mode and no more confusing setup. Also, the inclination of Cling 2.0 bracket can be adjusted.


This Cling 2.0 bracket is suitable all brand tablets.


The way you lock the tablet is drilling some holes on the table firstly. Next, you can fix the base with some screws, and then mount the Cling 2.0 bracket and table.

This Universal Cling Stand includes:

  • Universal Tablet Stand
  • Fastening Tool
  • Adhesive Base Kit (optional)



  • Compatibility: Tablets up to 13”
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.75” x 6” x 4.5”
  • Max Dimension: 8.50” / 216mm
  • Min Dimension: 6.50” / 165mm
  • Max Thickness: 0.36″ /9.3mm


Color & Ordering Model No.:

  • Black: SKU UCLGSTDB / UPC 854249006787
  • Silver: SKU UCLGSTDS / UPC 854249006794
  • White: SKU UCLGSTDW / UPC 854249006800




Universal Tablet Security Stand是一款重新設計的支架夾和支架底座。最新款的Tablet Security Stand是使用3M VHB膠粘劑製作而成的,故安裝時不會損壞設備或留下任何殘留物。





先把台面鑽上幾個洞,底座用螺絲固定好或用 3M 強力膠點在台上。安裝支架並把IPAD 扣上即可。

Universal Tablet Security Stand 包括:

  • 通用平板支架
  • 緊固工具
  • 膠粘劑基本包(可選)



  • 兼容性:iPad 可達13寸
  • 長度:75寸
  • 闊度:6寸
  • 高度:5寸
  • 重量:2 磅
  • 最大尺寸:5 寸(216毫米)
  • 最少尺寸:5 寸(165毫米)
  • 最大厚度:36 寸(9.3毫米)



  • 黑色:SKU UCLGSTDB/ UPC854249006787
  • 銀色:SKU UCLGSTDS / UPC 854249006794
  • 白色:SKU UCLGSTDW / UPC 854249006800