Wireless Mesh Network pushes forward the trend for wireless cities. Azalea leads the wireless era.

As global digital construction proceeds, wireless mesh network is labelled as the next generation wireless network technology for its unique economical and technical merits, and is more and more adopted world wide. In the construction of wireless municipal, wireless mesh network have gradually become the mainstream technology, especially in the metropolitan cities, such as Philadelphia , San Francisco and Taipei .

In 2006, the number of projects associated with building wireless municipal using wireless mesh technologies have increased by more than 80% compared with 2005. In-Stat reports that number of such projects will increase from the current figure of 400 to above 1200 in year 2010. Singapore even adopts wireless mesh technologies for her iNation 2015 project, targeting to convert the entire area into a “wireless country”.

International giants such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Microsoft are proactively pioneering into the business of wireless mesh network equipments. This definitely declares that a revolution in the next generation wireless broadband will be lead by wireless mesh network technologies. Microsoft has stated that wireless mesh network is the best interfacing media between telecommunication and internetworking.

As wireless mesh network technologies are widely adopted globally, this has provided an advanced starting point in the market in China . In the mainland, the technologies are starting to be adopted in constructing wireless cities. While Beijing and Jiading district of Shanghai are proceeding with the constructions as planned, Tianjin and Shenzhen are setting up experimenting points.

According to the report produced by IDC, the size of wireless mesh network equipment market in China has reached USD 5.96 million in the first three quarters of 2006. Based on this figure, it is estimated that the market size for the entire 2006 should be around USD 8 million, translating to RMB 62 million. Within this, wireless cities and hotspots applications have been the main components. According to professionals in related areas, the actual size of the equipment market is likely to be much greater than that estimated by IDC. The mid-2007 market will again exceed that expected by research organizations.

Azalea Networks, as the only company with wireless mesh network technologies Research and Development centres and technical support team established in China , ha s started works on research and testing long time ago. It has a certain advance standing in the technical aspects worldwide, and has become the first mesh equipment manufacturer having realized layer-3 cross subnet roaming. Up till now, the company has obtained many patents on its core technologies, ranging from adaptive wireless routing protocol, network infrastructure, roaming, terminal to terminal QoS, security and product performance management.

“Wireless mesh network can provide a higher bandwidth at a lower cost, and thus can produce more values for video and voice applications. Our wireless mesh network technologies can support high speed roaming video monitoring and other applications. For an example, more precise, complete and convenient public safety monitoring systems can be achieved. Users may even be travelling in a vehicle at high speed, and can remotely check or utilize one or several monitoring equipments. The images can also be shared to other users, while simultaneously conducting conferences. This is very useful to public and enterprise-level safety control. Not only that, the user can also expand the monitoring network anywhere at anytime, or even move deployed networks to other venues. This is essential for investment protection, avoiding duplicated investments.” Mr. Wu Fang, President of Azalea, stated.

In the aspect of voice application, mobile VoIP is the hottest application. Azalea’s carrier-grade roaming, terminal to terminal and QoS patented technologies and unique system designs have guaranteed real-time, continuous and clearly audible conversations and n-ways conference during high-speed roaming, thus helped users realizing application and services improvement.”

Mr. Sheng remarked that wireless mesh network is becoming more and more popular in regional wireless networks, public safety, and emergency. Several communication service providers have already begun adopting wireless mesh technologies to improve existing networks, increase network capacity and lower operational and maintenance cost.

“Azalea would really like to become partners with service providers to develop in this area, and welcomes interested partners to experience the performance of our MSR series products.”