New Wireless Experience in the Back Lakes

Houhai (the Back Lakes, 後海) is the region situated in Northeastern part of Xicheng (West District) in Beijing.  Its name originated from the Back Sea, which together with Qianhai (the Front Sea) and Xihai (the West Sea) forms the Shichahai lake area, or Heyan (Riverbank) in former times.

Night View of Houhai

Figure 1. Night view of HouHai

Recently, as tourist projects develop, services of various characteristics, especially restaurants, bars and other entertainment spots, have filled the region. Yet because resources are limited, broadband coverage has been minimal, if not null.

To satisfy the needs of wireless multimedia, given the unique topographical restrictions of Houhai, Houhai, Qianhai and Yandaixie Street are the emphasis of wireless network services coverage.

Mesh Coverage

Figure 2. Map of the mesh locations in Houhai

Network Topology

Network Topology

Figure 3 Topology of Houhai wireless distribution system

The topology of Houhai Wireless Mesh Network

  • Azalea MSR2000 Wireless Router
  • 5.8GHz for backhaul, with unidirectional antenna to prevent interference
  • 2.4GHz for user access, with all wireless access points equipped with unidirectional sectored array antenna.
  • IPSTAR 2M Satellite Link
  • 2M ADSL Link
  • Wireless Distribution System Test results
  • The WDS link has high and stable bandwidth reaching pre-defined quality standard
  • Good indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and fast network access Good voice quality during Skype test, supporting mobile/roaming voice calls;
  • Smooth multimedia and video streaming


The wireless network set up by Azalea MSR2000 provides services such as wireless network, VoWiFi , wireless multimedia, etc, that are of satisfactory quality. Visitors can surf the Internet with Notebook Computer, PDA and various wireless terminals to share the information resource in a faster and more efficient way.