The NEW IndigoVision BX Panoramic Dome Camera is here!

Another innovative addition to our extensive BX Camera Range, giving a stunning 180° Panoramic View.

New BX Panoramic Dome Camera is designed with four self-aligning sensors creating an overall 8MP (4096 x 1800) 180° Panoramic View and video is seamlessly stitched into a single image direct from the camera.

Suitable for a wide range of installations the BX Panoramic Camera offers a number of features including:

  • 180° Panoramic View – Multiple sensors offer the ability to see and hear more through a seamlessly stitched single image.
  • Outstanding Video in all lighting – Built in IR, WDR and streams up to 25fps.
  • Extensive  Temperature Range – -40°C to +60°C effective camera operation.
  • Advanced Analytics – Motion Detection, Hooded, Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Abandoned.
  • IK10 and IP67 rated – Vandal resistant and suitable for internal/external installations.
  • Open – Connect with Control Center, or any third party system, using ONVIF’s Profile S standard.
  • Time Saving – Installed using a single PoE+ cable these cameras are quick to install saving installers time. Sensor locations are pre-set, adjust the tilt and you are ready to go.
  • Reliable and Tested – A rigorous testing regime including vibration and extreme temperature ensures all cameras have IndigoVision’s seal of reliability. When you purchase an IndigoVision BX Panoramic Camera you are purchasing a camera that is fit for purpose.

Find out more about the BX Panoramic Dome Camera by finding us!

The IndigoVision Compact NVR-AS 4000 (NEW Product)

Compact NVR-AS 4000 in Hand


Extricom introduces the CloudBlanket Network Management System


箤科推出雲端網絡管理方案 CloudBlanket,令企業 WiFi 管理更俱彈性和效能,減低營運成本。

New York, NY – March 31st 2014Extricom Ltd., an industry leader in the provision of high density Wi-Fi coverage, announces the new CloudBlanket NMS solution: the integration of a cloud-based framework for the management of Extricom’s state-of-the-art Channel Blanket Wi-Fi technology. This marks the next step in the provision of comprehensive accessible and reliable wireless LAN solutions to fit a range of network deployment needs. With its powerful yet simple centralized network management, the CloudBlanket NMS offers a straightforward and intuitive centralized configuration, monitoring and reporting system. Now enjoying Extricom’s wire-like reliability, high throughput, and unparalleled noise immunity wireless LAN solutions is just an internet connection away. MORE

IndigoVision Control Centre 4.8

IndigoVision SMS4 r8 Press Release

Control Center 4.8 – A new view of your world

We are incredibly excited to announce the latest release of IndigoVision’s Control Center 4.8, included as part of the IndigoVision SMS4™ r8 Security Management Software suite.

This is the most significant Control Center release since 4.0 was launched in 2010. When Control Center 4.8 was demonstrated at the recent ISC West exhibition in Las Vegas, it was greeted with a standing ovation.


Release – TrueView Web Report® 3.0


TrueView Web Report® 3.0 現已登陸香港 - 功能比前版本更強大。主要特性包括:

  • 銷售點POS:支援 POS 和轉換率。
  • 天氣數據:包含以本地氣象數據和客流量進行比對。
  • 電子郵件報告 :創建和分發PDF格式的電子郵件報告。
  • 電子郵件警報系統故障。例如,當其中一個攝影機出現故障時發出電郵警報。
  • 託管服務:Cognimatics 提供及直接管理完整的雲端解決方案。只需簡單點擊幾下,TrueView Web Report® 便立即開始從 TrueView People Counter® 接收數據。
  • 訪問權限:功能強大且易於使用的文件夾管理。能夠在多用戶的環境下提供精確的訪問控制。
  • 頻道定價:以頻道數量定價,閣下只需要支付您所需要的。
  • 搜索功能:一站式搜索文件、圖表、報表和文件夾。
  • 簡單的圖表模式 :提供簡易模式以便一般使用。


Cognimatics Web Report

TrueView Web Report® 3.0 收集任何位置的數據