Release – Cognimatics TrueView People Counter® 3.0 人流計算

Pushing the Frontier on People Counting

Cognimatics TrueView People Counter®

TrueView People Counter® 3.0 專為AXIS網絡攝影機而設計的嵌入式人流計算器


Cognimatics 今天 (4/3/2013) 公報新版本 TrueView People Counter® 3.0 人流計算器。


  • 私隱保證:透過設定無痕模式把影像模糊化,確保沒有面貌能夠被分辨出來。
  • 寬闊出入口:允許使用一列並排的攝影機來監測寬闊的範圍,攝影機之間以自動同步達至最高準確性。
  • 使用者權限:新的使用者權限現分為三級:admin、operator、viewer。當中的 viewer 不能更改任何系統設定。
  • 卓越的準確性能夠在任何困難的環境中發揮。皆因擁有更高性能處理器的攝影機可以大幅提高準確性和應付更複雜的環境狀況。
  • 數碼縮放:透過數碼縮放,令偵測範圍更容易掌握。
  • 附帶容易使用的準確度校對工具。
  • 簡易網絡設定和系統時間同步。


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Cognimatics 在維也納世界智能交通運輸系統大會展示人龍管理方案

瑞典 Cognimatics 在維也納舉行的世界智能交通運輸系統大會展出。最新推出的 TrueView Parking® 停車場方案首次展出,吸引了不少 ITS 業界的目光。這次展覽活動 Cognimatics 伙拍網絡視像監控設備的龍頭生產商 瑞典 Axis Communications 共同參與。 MORE

Extricom Launches First Large Scale Seamless WLAN Solution



Extricom 推出首個專門針對特大型無間覆蓋的WLAN方案 - LS-3000。LS-3000 能夠無間覆蓋大於10萬平方米的範圍(大概等於20個足球場) ,而在覆蓋範圍之中能夠確保無縫漫遊,永不斷線。最適合需求無縫漫遊的應用,如大型物流中心、醫院和大型酒店。


New York, NY – November 27, 2012Extricom Ltd., the enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) manufacturer that provides seamless mobility with its patented Channel Blanket™ architecture, today announced the launch of its new Extricom LS-3000 Large Scale wireless solution.

The LS-3000 is designed specifically for very large-scale WLAN environments, such as large logistics hubs, regional medical centres, and large hotels where seamless wireless roaming is crucial.

The LS-3000 supports a maximum wireless coverage area of more than 100,000sqm, equivalent to approximately 20 soccer fields.

Extricom’s Channel Blanket™ technology provides organizations with true wireless mobility along with wire-like reliability and throughput, even in the most challenging radio frequency (RF) environments. This is a significant improvement over traditional WLAN architectures that, when in non-ideal environments or burdened with heavy traffic, have proven to be far less reliable than the wired networks they replaced.

The Channel Blanket provides up to four blankets of wireless coverage, each of which can be set up to support a different business requirement. This means that it is possible to provide one wireless blanket specifically for business critical data, for example, that won’t be affected by heavy data usage of Internet browsers which can impact on bandwidth. The Internet users can be provided with a separate blanket, as can staff using their own mobile devices in the work environment, such as smartphones and tablets, to minimise the wireless security risks associated with bring your own device (BYOD). MORE

Extricom 被 Stadia 選為大型場館的「必備品」

Extricom High Density Wi-Fi Experience


著名大型場館雜誌 Stadia 與2012年度選出十大大型場館必備的設備核技術,其中以用戶容量、無縫移動和穩定性見稱的 Extricom 被列入為

「必備品」之一,同時是唯一的 WiFi 技術產品。詳情請參閱該期 Stadia


Stadia Magazine


Extricom’s WLAN Chosen as One of 2012’s Must-Have Stadium Technologies

New York, NY – November 6, 2012 – Extricom, the manufacturer of enterprise wireless LAN providing seamless mobility, highest throughput and capacity, with their patented Channel Blanket™ architecture, has today announced that it was chosen by Stadia Magazine as one 2012’s ten must-have innovations for stadiums.

In response to the pervasive trend to technology-enable stadiums in order to turbocharge the live entertainment experience, Stadia asked suppliers, stadium operators, owners, and systems integrators to divulge the must-have technologies for any new or refurbished sports venue in 2012. Extricom’s Channel Blanket ™ WLAN was one of ten technologies chosen. MORE