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20多年來,Tryten一直為科技硬件包括iPad、筆記本電腦鎖與電腦儲物櫃提供業內領先的安全解決方案。 Tryten在醫療保健、政府、教育和企業等廣泛的行業為客戶提供創新和定制解決方案,他們的成功來自他們一直用心傾聽他們客戶的需要。

For over 20 years, Tryten has been an industry-leading creator of security solutions for tech hardware including iPad Kiosks, Laptop Locks, & Computer Lockers. Tryten has provided clients with innovative and customized solutions in a wide range of industries ranging from healthcare and government, to education and business, their success has been derived from listening to their customers and creating products to meet their explicit needs.

Tryten values Trust, Integrity, Quality, and Value. These ideas permeate their products and their people, setting the standard for everything they do.