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Climax builds up in wireless city construction as Azalea blossoms in North America

As US company Visiongain reports, up till Q1 2006, there are already 400 cities in the world planning to deploy, if not already deployed, municipal broadband for public access, public safety and public services. It is also predicted that another 400 cities will begin similar plans in 2006.

Climax is building up in wireless city construction as Azalea Networks have good news to share. Recently, Azalea Networks has signed contract with a well-known network equipment and application solution provider in North America . This agreement implies that Azalea MSR series wireless mesh products and solutions will be adopted in establishing tens of wireless municipals.

“In the aspect of wireless mesh network applications, North America is one of the most advanced region in the world, especially in establishing wireless municipals.” Mr. Sheng Dengfeng, Vice President of Azalea Network Inc. stated.

Constructing wireless cities can effectively reduce the digital divide. It is an investment to the people and economic development . More and more users and business units can benefit from these projects. MORE