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Azalea Networks, Industry Leader in Wireless Network, Shining in ITU Telecom World

The world’s premier telecommunications event ITU Telecom World was open in Asia World Expo of Hong Kong on December 4. Azalea Networks Inc., the FIRST company to realize Layer-3 Cross Subnet Roaming and telecom graded mobility (in excess of 100 miles/hr) in wireless mesh networking. It fully demonstrated her strength in high performance and high scalability wireless mesh networking. Her CEO, Mr. Wu Fang was proudly invited to participate in the on-line roundtable forum where the ‘Challenge of Wireless City’ was being discussed.

About 700 most prestigious hi-tech companies from over the world were participated in the ITU Telecom World with their cutting-edge telecom products and solutions. As an international leader in the next generation wireless mesh networking technologies, Azalea has presented her full range of high quality wireless mesh products and application solutions of all dimensions in the Expo. Azalea believes that the future of the telecom industry belongs to mobile broadband and ‘wireless is going mesh’. The wireless mesh technology is the most cost-effective, high performance and allows instant market penetration. Many eyeballs from leading global telecom operators were attracted to the booth. During the Expo, 11 cooperation MoUs were signed, which included OEMs, WiFI device manufacturers, system integrators, channel partners and telecom companies, etc. from the United States, Germany, Russia and other ASEAN countries. Visitors from domestic research institutes and militaries also revealed huge enthusiasm in Azalea Networks applications.

Leapa at ITU World 2006 (5)

With the help of Azalea’s channel partner, Leapa Limited who is responsible for the Hong Kong and Macau markets, the Expo has been smooth and fruitful. Many important local government officials and industry leaders have shown great interests in Azalea’s technologies. Leapa’s chairman, Mr. Kent Chow, CEO, Mr. Robert Lo and Executive Director, Mr. Nicholas Lo jointly expressed that ‘Leapa will make the dream of wireless city come true!’

Leapa at ITU World 2006 (1)  Leapa at ITU World 2006 (2)

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