Maclocks – The World’s Most Popular iPad Security Stand Now Gets STRONGER!

The New and Stronger iPad Lock & Security Case Bundle

GalaxyEnclosures is coming to Hong Kong



The success of Maclocks line of security and exhibition products for iPads, iPhones and Mac computer is expanding to Samsung Galaxy Tab. Let us introduce GalaxyEnclosures line of security enclosures, kiosks and stands for Galaxy Tab 2. Please contact us for pre-order!

Maclocks 系列的保安和展示產品現已擴展到 Samsung Galaxy Tab。專門為 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 設計的保安外殼、支架和展示地座 - GalaxyEnclosures - 即將登陸香港。請從速預約訂購!

Ahead of its Official Launch – The First iPad Mini Accessory to Hit the Market is an iPad Mini Lock by Security Accessory Maker Maclocks

Maclocks the worldwide leader in locking technology solutions for Apple devices has been working on a unique mechanism that is completely self sufficient from Apple’s redesign decisions

AUSTIN, October 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

The new iPad Mini lock is the first iPad mini accessory to see light and is a part of a new line of independently universal security solutions that, according to Maclocks, will secure any Apple mobile device and will be easy to deploy in all environments, both public and private, while preserving Apple’s elegant designs. MORE

全球第一個專為 MacBook Pro Retina 設計的保安系統

MacBook Pro Retina Security Lock and Case

 The First New MacBook Pro Lock is HERE!

美國專門為蘋果產品設計保安和展示解決方案的領先品牌 – Maclocks,再次成為全球第一個為蘋果產品推出保安解決方案的公司。新MacBook Pro Retina 推出短短數星期,MacLocks已經為新MacBook Pro度身訂造了保安外殼,解決其沒有鎖孔的問題。

蘋果推出最新型的 MacBook Pro 以繼承其帶領着的電腦硬件潮流,著重方便使用和攜帶。電腦生產商紛紛在輕巧和纖薄的領域上競爭。蘋果為了打造更纖薄的機身,竟然把新 MacBook Pro 機身上的保安鎖孔犧牲了。這設計上的決定,為企業用戶帶來了新的挑戰 。蘋果推出市場上最先進的筆記本電腦,卻遺漏了保護它的方法。


Maclocks iPad Adjustable Stands Used for CDW Canada BTEX 2012

Maclocks iPad Adjustable Stands and Kiosks at BTEX 2012

Maclocks provided BTEX CDW Canada Business Technology Expo 2012 in Toronto with several of its ‘best seller’ iPad Adjustable Stand and Kiosk chosen to display the line of Apple products offered by the Apple Authorized Reseller.

CDW’s request was for a user friendly point of display with a blocked home button that will use for information interface, Maclocks Adjustable iPad Stand Kiosk with an Executive iPad Enclosure was chosen to suit this matter.

The BTEX CDW Business Expo is known as a popular IT professionals networking event, where CDW presents its latest products, IT trends and services from leading technology manufacturers.


最近於多倫多舉行的加拿大商業科技博覽 (BTEX), Maclocks的 iPad 座地展示台被蘋果經銷商採用,向客戶介紹一系列的蘋果公司產品。

MacLocks 的iPad 座地展示台正符合展覽公司 CDW 的要求 – 容易使用,並需要遮閉Home Button的展示台,令iPad只為提供產品資訊而設。