Ahead of its Official Launch – The First iPad Mini Accessory to Hit the Market is an iPad Mini Lock by Security Accessory Maker Maclocks

Maclocks the worldwide leader in locking technology solutions for Apple devices has been working on a unique mechanism that is completely self sufficient from Apple’s redesign decisions

AUSTIN, October 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

The new iPad Mini lock is the first iPad mini accessory to see light and is a part of a new line of independently universal security solutions that, according to Maclocks, will secure any Apple mobile device and will be easy to deploy in all environments, both public and private, while preserving Apple’s elegant designs.

The Maclocks multi frame integrated technology accommodates any frame. Maclocks iPad mini lock is based on a low profile plate design together with the slimmest cable lock on the market. This cutting edge technology was developed by renowned inventor Mr. Meir Av Ganim.

It is no surprise that Maclocks, the pioneer in iPad enclosures & iPad security locks, is the first to introduce a security solution for the iPad mini, however, what is interesting is the fact that Maclocks has chosen to pre launch its new iPad mini lock ahead of the iPad mini official launch by Apple.

“Our customers can’t afford having a new Apple device deployed within their environment without the ability to secure it immediately. Apple’s exciting launches with its ever-changing designs has created a speculation game that keeps our R&D team awake at nights,” said Alexander Gad, Maclocks’s GM. “The challenge is the gap between the time Apple launches a new hit device and the time it takes manufacturers to develop a security solution for it, leaving the Apple device exposed to immediate theft. This new product line allows Maclocks to narrow this gap and provide our customers, who can’t wait to roll out this new device, with a way to secure it.”

Maclocks was also the first manufacturer of Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with Retina Lock, a mechanism that later on had been used by other third- party security accessory makers, placing Maclocks as the leader in the mobile hardware security segment.

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