MEN Arena's Choice for WiFi, Extricom

Extricom is the designer and manufacturer of an award-winning enterprise Wireless LAN system which represents a new generation of WLAN infrastructure for providing converged data, voice, and video services over wireless with the dependability and performance of the wired network.

Extricom’s unique wireless system delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, at the same time as achieving a performance leap in capacity, coverage, and seamless mobility. All this, while making deployment and management radically easier. The result is the ideal WLAN infrastructure for the enterprise that is putting WLAN at the center of its network strategy.

While adhering to the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard, Extricom’s patented, Interference-Free architecture takes a completely new approach to the way the infrastructure is deployed. At the heart of Extricom’s innovation is the “channel blanket” topology, which allows each Wi-Fi channel to be used everywhere, on every access point, to create blankets of coverage.

The result is a completely different experience for the user: significantly greater bandwidth and coverage than traditional WLANs, seamless mobility with no AP-to-AP handoffs, the elimination of RF cell planning and co-channel interference, and the ability to offer a performance guarantee for both connection rate and bandwidth. This is the best of the wired and wireless worlds – the simplicity, flexibility, and performance of wired networks, together with the mobility and ubiquity of WLANs.



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Extricom Wi-Fi service for Access and Performance

The award-winning Extricom W-LAN System incorporates multiple breakthrough innovations in a system that raises the bar for WLAN performance, flexibility, and ease of ownership.

Groundbreaking architectural thinking gives you a solution that is fully IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n -compliant, but changes all of the paradigms about the Wi-Fi experience.

  • Provides very high throughput, by providing better coverage, eliminating co-channel interference, and patented TrueReuse™ of channel bandwidth.
  • Provides stable, reliable performance with industry-leading noise immunity and multiple uplinks, even in environments that render classic WLAN architectures ineffective.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain, without the complexities of RF cell planning.
  • Delivers seamless mobility via blankets of RF coverage that are unmatched in the industry.
  • Built for enterprise triple play (video, data, voice), without performance trade-offs.
  • WLAN you can count on… just like a wired network… anywhere in your facility.

In short, Extricom enables the all-wireless enterprise today. Voice (VoWLAN), data, and video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. The Interference-Free™ WLAN System is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for tomorrow’s multi-service demands.

Extricom Channel Blanket

Simpler. Better. Guaranteed.

This is the Extricom experience.

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