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iPad Rental Hong Kong / China


iPad Rental Hong Kong

香港首個最全面的iPad出租服務。由第一代Apple iPad面世,我們便開始了這硬件出租服務。經過多年來與客戶緊密合作,包括參展商、活動策劃公司、公共關係公司、國際品牌擁有者、婚禮策劃司等等。我們已經累積了深厚的應驗,必能助您創造出別具創意和「哇!」的新體驗。

Hong Kong’s first and most comprehensive iPad rental service. We started out when the first generation of Apple iPad was released as a very basic hardware rental service provider. After years of working with exhibitors, event organizers, PR companies, international brand owners, wedding planners, etc., we have accumulated deep know-hows to help our clients to create futuristic events filled with the ‘wow!’ experience.

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