V-Count People Counting System

Visitor Analytics for the Physical World

V-Count provides the best people counters and retail analytics solutions in the market.

V-Count solutions illustrated


V-Count provides an excellent combination of technologies to help you keep track on the street-to-store conversion rate data, which eventually can boost sales and profit. With its technology-based people counter solutions, the draw-in rate data collected can be used to assess how successful is your marketing strategy and how attractive your marketing visuals are to your customers.


V-Count products

  1. 3D Alpha+
  2. 2D+
  3. Heatmap
  4. Tracker+

3D Alpha+

V-Count 3D Alpha+


NEW double lens, stereo vision technology combined with Wi-Fi tracking feature with minimum 98% counting accuracy.

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V-Count 2D+

The V-Count 2D+ single lens smart device will provide accurate and real-time traffic measurements for all your stores.

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V-Count Heatmap

V-Count Heatmap device is equipped with a fisheye lens to calculate the occupancy of certain areas within your stores.

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V-Count Tracker

Tracker+ is a new device that complements the foundation provided by people counters’ with Wi-Fi tracking features.

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