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Extricom Announces World’s First 802.11n 3-Stream Enterprise Access Point


Extricom Continues To Lead The Way To Higher Bandwidth WLAN

October 7, 2010 – New York, NY – Extricom Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of high-performance, next generation wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure solutions, announced today that it will launch the world’s first enterprise-grade 802.11n access point with 3 spatial streams, the EXRP-33n, at IPExpo, in London England, October 20-21.

Extricom’s Channel Blanket™ is the perfect architecture to harness the power of 3×3 MIMO technology, and is particularly suited for deployments in bandwidth-intensive applications such as the education, medical, and general office verticals. The Channel BlanketTM eliminates the complex RF cell-planning normally required for 802.11n, and also eliminates the co-channel interference that can severely degrade 802.11n throughput. Consequently, Extricom customers already today realize the true potential of 802.11n technology and will continue to do so in 3-stream deployments.