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MacBook Air Lock – Security Skin Bundles

NOW Supports MacBook Air 13″ and the new MacBook Air 13″ 




Quick Overview

MacBook Air Lock Security Skin Bundles

In most cases MacBook Air users, use a cover / skin to protect their computers from dirt and external damage.

Maclocks security cover (patent pending) is a simple, yet clever solution which incorporates a security slot into the actual MacBook Air cover.

That way you can lock the security cable to the MacBook Air case, and loop the cable’s other end around a fixed object such as a table leg (or an anchor point which is available at

Once the case and cable are locked together, it’s hard to detach the case without damaging the MacBook Air.

This makes the MacBook Air Lock, flexible and light, not to mention stylish so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

This bundle includes:

  • Security cover / skin
  • 6 Feet low profile steel security cable lock

Ordering Model No.:

  • MacBook-Air-Lock-11
  • MacBook-Air-Lock-11-Black
  • MacBook-Air-Lock-11-Smokey
  • MacBook-Air-Lock-13


Maclocks 保安外殼保障的不止是防刮花防撞等,還有內裡的重要數據。


Maclocks 的保安外殼彷如Macbook Air 的第二層皮膚﹣﹣透明外殼配以銀色的鋼鎖不失Macbook Air原先的型格。




日常防刮花保護:為Macbook Air的機身套上上、下殼


高階保安保護:使用套裝附送的配件,為下殼( 鍵盤背面) 裝上螺絲。


穿上外殼後,在 Macbook Air 的右上角插槽,插上鋼鏈,再用鎖匙上鎖﹐而鋼鏈的另一邊則繫於固定點或柱子之上。這設計最適合用於公共咖啡室、大學圖書館、展覽會進行商務會議的時候。




Macbook Air 13 寸第2 層皮膚保護外殼及保安鎖套裝包括:


Macbook Air 的第二層皮膚外殼(透明色)一個


Maclocks 6 尺長鋼鏈一條


MacBook Air Lock