MacBook Pro Retina Lock

MacBook Pro Retina Security Lock and Case


Quick Overview

New MacBook Pro Lock (Retina) Security case Bundle

In most cases MacBook Pro users, use a cover / skin to protect their computers from dirt and external damage.

Maclocks security cover (patent pending) is a simple, yet clever solution which incorporates a security slot into the actual MacBook Pro cover (only adds 0.35lbs when using the lower skin and 0.7lbs when using it as a shell) a similar solution is offered for the MacBook Air.

This smart skin mechanism, slightly elevates the MBP above the surface thus enhancing current venting system. The polymer security cover is engineered to support the MBP cooling process.

That way you can lock the security cable to the MacBook Pro case, and loop the cable’s other end around a fixed object such as a table leg (or an anchor point which is available at

Once the case and cable are locked together, it’s hard to detach the case without damaging the MacBook Pro.

This makes the MacBook Pro with Retina display Lock, flexible and light, not to mention stylish so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

This bundle includes:

  • 15″ Security cover / skin (only adds 0.35lbs)
  • 6 Feet low profile steel security cable lock

Ordering Model No.: MacBook-Pro-lock-with-Retina-15


MacBook Pro Retina Lock - Back


New MacBook Pro Lock (Retina) Security case 套裝

很多人都會購買外殼(cover 或 skin)來保護他們的MacBook Pro Retina,避免沾污和損壞。

Maclocks 的 MacBook Pro Retina 保安外殼(專利設計)巧妙地加上了保安鎖孔,不但防止 MacBook Pro Retina 沾污和損壞,還提供了簡單可靠的防盜措施,美觀實用。(在重量上,底殼只增加了0.35磅,或整體只增加了0.7磅)

MacBook Pro Retina 保安外殼的 polymer 質料無阻電腦的散熱設計,其輕微提高機身還有助散熱功能的發揮!


纖巧、輕薄、美觀。使你和你的 MacBook Pro Retina 在何時何地都感受到一份安全的感覺。

MacBook Pro Retina 保安外殼套裝包括:

  • 15寸 透明保安外殼
  • 6尺長矮身鋼纜鎖

購買款號: MacBook-Pro-lock-with-Retina-15