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Wireless Technology to Classroom

Case studies:  Kau Yan School Learning Center

Kau Yan School

Due to the encouragement of Education Department, the first trial of electronic teaching will be started in 2010. Personal computer to individual is no longer a problem to school, but high capacity usage under limited resources is the challenge to IT staff. They overextend the coverage by increasing AP density without predictable user base. The unplanned installation induces channel interference, signal attenuation and traffic jam.

Leapa has been of help to address all hidden problems by deploying Extricom’s WLAN to ensure coverage, mobility and future upgrade. The project began by a multi-media library, which can easily accommodate 50+ students, staff, parents and guests. In this 5000 feet library, a EXSW-1200 WLAN switch and 7 EXRP-40E access points (4 radios APs) cover the entire area.