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Baylor University and instrument manufacturers visit Azalea Networks

In order to experience and learn about wireless mesh technologies, EMBA students from Baylor University visited Azalea Networks on 24 th April 2007.

During the visit, Azalea lead scientist Professor Luo Haiyun introduced wireless mesh network technologies and the prospects of Azalea Networks to approximately 50 visitors from Texas Instruments, Verizon (largest wireless communication service provider in US) among other famous enterprises or organizations, and showed them Azalea’s test laboratories, radio frequency shield rooms, low temperature experiment shelves, and other research facilities. Technical staff of the company also introduced them to the patented technologies.

After the visit to the company premise, the marketing team of Azalea Networks shared their knowledge about the application values and market positioning with the visitors at Holiday Inn.

Baylor University was established near Brazos River in Waco around 1845, and was the earliest tertiary education institute in Texas as well as the biggest Baptist University in the world. Currently, 14000 students are enrolled.

According to the organizer of the visiting group, the main aim of the visit was to provide students with a sufficient understanding of the most advanced technologies and their business values.

Professor Luo visits Azalea

Figure 1 Professor Luo introduces Azalea’s technologies to the EMBA visitors


Figure 2 EMBA visitors involved in interactions and reading materials provided by the company

Azalea in the top 60 Wireless Enterprises in the States

Azalea Networks, with recommendation by SoftBank, will be presenting together with Intel, Cisco, Motorola, Nokia, QualComm, Oracle, Sony and other enterprises at Wireless Innovations 2007 in San Francisco on 25 th and 26 th April 2007. As the world’s leading wireless mesh network company, Azalea will represent China with the next generation wireless network technologies

Azalea Networks is an international wireless technology enterprise founded by Chinese. Her wireless mesh network products are widely in use worldwide. Azalea was named in the list of the top 60 wireless enterprises in United States for her leading position in wireless mesh technologies and associated products as well as her potential in the market of American wireless cities. Within these 60 enterprises, Azalea Network is the only company possessing technologies to construct wireless municipals. Wireless Innovations has been organized for several years, and is mutually supported by Intel, QualComm, famous risk investment institutes such as Columbia Capital and market research institutes such as JP Morgan.

Wireless Innovations provides a platform for technology enterprises to cooperate and collaborate on projects and researches. It also provides a medium for financial and risk investment institutes such as Accel Partners, BlueRun Ventures, Canaan Partners, Columbia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds and Storm Ventures to find opportunities to invest in wireless technologies. Due to the long-lasting culture of this event, Wireless Innovations have become an assessment for leading wireless technologies.

The organizing association of the event has defined wireless mesh networking as one of the eight most advanced wireless technologies of the era. During the event, Mr. Fang Wu, President of Azalea Networks and the representative of the new member of the 60 companies, will present and comment on the prospect of wireless technologies.

Wireless Innovations