Monthly Archives: February 2007

Azalea soars high in South America

As reported by Infonetics Research, in Q3 of 2006, the global sales of radio access network (RAN), mesh network, WiMAX and WLAN equipments have been enormous, and the prospect looks great. It is predicted that by 2009, the sales figure for mesh network will reach USD 1.17 billion. Recently, Azalea Network, a globally leading wireless mesh network equipment manufacturer, has successfully landed its products onto the South American market. This is another market Azalea enters since the dramatic sales increase in North America and Asia .

“The mobile and fixed line telephone networks are scarce in South America . As the opportunity costs for wireless mesh network deployment is very low, it can easily satisfy the requirements of wireless broadband access. The demand on wireless mesh network in South America is strong and rapid-growing, making it one of the most important market s in the world.” Mr. Sheng Dengfeng, Vice President of Azalea Networks, remarked.

“Our board is confident in our choice of operating in this market, and also in our ability to deepen our global operations. Our successful entrance into the South American market illustrates the high versatility and advanced technology in our MSR series products. They are absolutely capable of fulfilling more requirements from the market and the customers.”

According to Mr. Sheng, sales in the South American market are currently targeted at the top-tier channel. Based on this solid foundation l arge-scale market expansion activities will soon begin.

“I like Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect – a butterfly fluttering its wing can cause a cyclone two weeks later. Similarly, Azalea will, with her globally leading wireless mesh network technologies, bring easily accessible data, multimedia and wireless broadband services to more and more countries in South America .” Mr. Sheng humoured.