全球第一個專為 MacBook Pro Retina 設計的保安系統

MacBook Pro Retina Security Lock and Case

 The First New MacBook Pro Lock is HERE!

美國專門為蘋果產品設計保安和展示解決方案的領先品牌 – Maclocks,再次成為全球第一個為蘋果產品推出保安解決方案的公司。新MacBook Pro Retina 推出短短數星期,MacLocks已經為新MacBook Pro度身訂造了保安外殼,解決其沒有鎖孔的問題。

蘋果推出最新型的 MacBook Pro 以繼承其帶領着的電腦硬件潮流,著重方便使用和攜帶。電腦生產商紛紛在輕巧和纖薄的領域上競爭。蘋果為了打造更纖薄的機身,竟然把新 MacBook Pro 機身上的保安鎖孔犧牲了。這設計上的決定,為企業用戶帶來了新的挑戰 。蘋果推出市場上最先進的筆記本電腦,卻遺漏了保護它的方法。


World’s Thinnest new iPad Enclosure

The World's Thinnest iPad Enclosure


AUSTIN, Texas, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Maclocks the leading global designer and manufacturer of Mac security solutions, introduces the thinnest iPad3 enclosure.

Maclocks customers were happy to discover that company’s leading product iPad lock and security case bundle is compatible with iPad3. The line was originally designed in clear and black for iPad1, later updated for iPad2 and its black version made of flexible polymer fits the new iPad like a glove. The thin enclosure adds only 1 millimeter to the external diameter of the iPad and thus making it the thinnest and lightest iPad3 enclosure on the market.




所謂電子教學,總離不開電腦,即是逃不過上網的要求。在電腦電子產品這個行業,價格每年都是往下調。反觀,香港人工每年都會上漲。所以對於安裝WiFi的成本,價格已經比以前的平宜很多。另一令老師有所懷疑的是網絡的維持費用,要支援一個課室40人同時上網,佈置的WiFi不應該考慮使用家用式技術的WiFi Router。如是者,IT技術人員或科主任可能先要對產品有一定程度的認識或專業資格。如選擇out-source,每年的維護費用也要計算在內。



學校位於住宅區之間,打開電腦作簡單scanning,不難搜尋到20個以上附近住戶的SSID。訊號干擾問題非常嚴重—- 這是其中一個令老師經常提出WiFi 能否足夠讓一班人使用問題的癥結之一。這涉及以下的幾個因素:

  1. 對抗外來干擾 (external interference)
  2. 同頻干擾 (self-interference)
  3. 系統使用者容量 (capacity)
  4. 系統提升 (scalability)
  5. 移動時的穩定性 (mobility)




Learning & Teaching Expo 2011


Wireless Technology to Classroom

Case studies:  Kau Yan School Learning Center

Kau Yan School

Due to the encouragement of Education Department, the first trial of electronic teaching will be started in 2010. Personal computer to individual is no longer a problem to school, but high capacity usage under limited resources is the challenge to IT staff. They overextend the coverage by increasing AP density without predictable user base. The unplanned installation induces channel interference, signal attenuation and traffic jam.

Leapa has been of help to address all hidden problems by deploying Extricom’s WLAN to ensure coverage, mobility and future upgrade. The project began by a multi-media library, which can easily accommodate 50+ students, staff, parents and guests. In this 5000 feet library, a EXSW-1200 WLAN switch and 7 EXRP-40E access points (4 radios APs) cover the entire area.


Azalea blooms in Xinjiang as off-road rally proceeds in Taklamakan Desert

Every year, 1 st May is celebrated as Labour Day. But in 2007, it also marks another important event: the first day free WiFi Internet services are provided for the Taklamakan Rally in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The race started in provincial capital Urumqi , headed into the desert, moved through seven stages encompassing the Silk Road, Lop Nur, the Tianshan Mountains , the Turpan Basin and ended in Aksu. A total distance of 4,500 kilometres, within which 2,000 kilometres were timed, covering complex geographical areas of deserts, Gobi-deserts, grassland, mountains and dried riverbed. Taklamakan, also known as the ‘ Sea of Death ‘, the remoteness and topography of the track, volatile climate, demands for real-time news transfer, key region monitoring, and communication placed strict requirements and difficulties on deploying networks.

Map of Taklamakan

Figure 1 Road map of the Taklamakan Rally

Nevertheless, the WiFi Internet services have been successfully provided with high stability, reliability and performance, and enabled wireless video monitoring and recording in key areas at crucial moments. This is made possible by infrastructure consisting of satellite antennae, indoor wireless Access Points, outdoor wireless Access Points and Azalea’s mesh routers. The following paragraph is translated from a blog of an engineer who have participated in the deployment. MORE