World’s Thinnest new iPad Enclosure

The World's Thinnest iPad Enclosure


AUSTIN, Texas, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Maclocks the leading global designer and manufacturer of Mac security solutions, introduces the thinnest iPad3 enclosure.

Maclocks customers were happy to discover that company’s leading product iPad lock and security case bundle is compatible with iPad3. The line was originally designed in clear and black for iPad1, later updated for iPad2 and its black version made of flexible polymer fits the new iPad like a glove. The thin enclosure adds only 1 millimeter to the external diameter of the iPad and thus making it the thinnest and lightest iPad3 enclosure on the market.

“This is great news for Maclocks fans, as the iPad3 enclosure is now ready for immediate shipping,” says Alexander Gad, Maclocks GM.

According to Gad: “Our designers are working on new security solutions for iPad3, but we were happy to discover that the black security enclosure fits the new iPad. With millions of dollars worth of tablets being stolen each day, it was so important to have a valid iPad security solution for the iPad3. Maclocks was the first to invent a lockable cover for iPad1 and we continue to lead the market. Innovation and fast action is our commitment to Maclocks clients.”

In 2012 Maclocks introduced a new line of iPad enclosure kiosks and iPad adjustable stands, which are already in use by some of the world’s leading banks, airlines and multinational companies. The company expects to release some additional new and exciting products during the year. As part of its global customer base expansion, Maclocks has established distribution partners throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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Alexandra Shnaiderman

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全球新推的最薄 iPad 外殼問世

【美通社-PR Newswire/德克薩斯州奧斯丁】

德克薩斯州奧斯丁, 2012年3月26日 /美通社-PR Newswire/ — 致力於 Mac 安全解決方案的全球領先設計商與製造商 Maclocks推出一款最薄的 iPad3 外殼。 Maclocks 客戶很高興看到 iPad3 能夠相容 Maclocks 業內領先產品 iPad 安全鎖加保護套套裝。該醒目的黑色套裝起初專為 iPad1 設計,不久為符合 iPad2 進行升級,並且該黑色套裝採用聚合物柔質材料製成,非常適合新款 iPad。這層薄外殼僅使 iPad 外徑擴大1毫米,從而使其成為市場上最薄最輕的 iPad3 外殼。

Maclocks 總經理 Alexander Gad 表示:「iPad3 外殼即將問世,這對 Maclocks 迷們來說是個好消息。我們的設計師正在致力於為 iPad3 開發新型防盜解決方案,而我們非常高興看到,黑色防盜外殼非常適合新款 iPad。針對每天價值數百萬美元的平板電腦被盜,為 iPad3 設計效果顯著的 iPad 防盜解決方案非常重要。Maclocks 是第一家為 iPad1 設計創造可鎖定外殼的公司,並且該產品使 Maclocks 一直領先市場。設計創新和快速行動是我們服務客戶的宗旨。」

2012年,Maclocks 為 iPad 直立式機身外殼和 iPad 可調節機身外殼推出了一系列新產品,這些產品為一些全球領先的銀行、航空公司和跨國公司所使用。

2012年,Maclocks 希望推出更多令客戶振奮的新產品。為了擴大 Maclocks 全球客戶群,該公司已經在北美、歐洲、中東和亞洲這些地區開展分銷合作。


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