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Wireless Mesh Network adopted in modernization of Tianjin Railroad Logistics System

Recently, Tianjin Railroad has successfully established a high quality digitalization platform through wireless network deployment. Each patrol is equipped with customized handheld terminals, which wirelessly sends digital and voice data via communication base-stations to Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) and rail-station maintenance system for electronic storage and printing. This ensures the precision, timeliness and security of the data.

“The terminals are important equipments for ensuring safe operation of railroad. Its applications demand for increases in network communication support. Also, as the environment of railroad system is complex, large communication equipments are inappropriate due to high engineering cost, maintenance difficulties and inflexibility. Consequently, simple wireless network is one of the effective solutions. However, topographical issues such as mountains and tunnels will place hash requirements on signal coverage.” Tianjin railroad patrol system representative stated.


Azalea Networks names John Elms as Chief Executive Officer

Former SpectraLink Corp. CEO to lead worldwide expansion

MILPITAS , Calif. , June 11, 2007 – Azalea Networks, an innovator in wireless mesh broadband technology and products, today announced that it has named John Elms as its new chief executive officer. Fang Wu a co-founder of Azalea will lead the company’s product realization functions.

Elms joins Azalea from SpectraLink Corp., now a part of Polycom (Nasdaq: PLCM), where he was the president and CEO of the Nasdaq-listed company until its sale in March of this year. At SpectraLink, Elms successfully guided the company to its position as the leading global OEM provider of enterprise wireless telephone systems selling to industry leaders such as Alcatel, Avaya, NEC, Nortel and Siemens. Sales at SpectraLink more than doubled under Elms’ leadership from $71 million in 2003 to $145 million, ending 2006.