iPad Flip Stand

tryten, ipad table stand, locks

tryten, ipad table stand, lock


Quick Overview  產品簡介

Tryten iPad Flip Stand 可摺式坐架連保安鋼鏈鎖套裝

  • 白色

Product Description  產品描述


  • 支架傾斜,平移和旋轉
  • 架腳可用螺絲固定或平放於桌面
  • 使用高品質的飛機鋼級安全電纜,加上另一層安全保障
  • 可打橫或打直展示


iPad Air 1/2 的保護外殼連保安鋼鏈鎖套裝包括:

  • 此iPad防盜外殼包含鎖頭,纜線及支架。外殼背面擁有一個多功能圈環,作支撐用途。防盜外殼提供極好的防震保護,可由高空掉下1.5米。tryten, ipad locks, ipad hand grip


Locking iPad Holder

Made from a durable polycarbonate shell with rubber reinforcements, this iPad locking holder provides excellent drop and shock protection at heights up to five feet. This product includes the iPad locking case, metal tether cable case lock, and flip-out ring stand. The combined form and function make this iPad secure stand an excellent choice for retail environments, educational institutions, and clinical environments.

Quick Overview

Tryten iPad Air mini/ 1/2 locking iPad holder

  • Black /White


Product Description

  • 360 degree rotation
  •  locks in 8 positions making it seamless to hold
  • hand over and display content at any angle.
  • allow display horizontally or vertically
  •  A rubberized surface touch point which provides added grip and stability