Release – Cognimatics TrueView People Counter® 2.4 人流計算

Cognimatics TrueView People Counter®

TrueView People Counter® 2.4 專為AXIS網絡攝影機而設計的嵌入式人流計算器


Cognimatics 今天公報新版本 TrueView People Counter® 2.4 人流計算器,更好、更易用。


  • 最低安裝高度從 300cm 縮減至 270cm。
  • 支援 Axis 平價系列攝影機 M3004 和 M3005 。
  • 當使用 Axis P3367 在陰影密集環境下的效能更佳。
  • 為 Axis M3204、M3114 和 M3005 提供更闊的計算面積。
  • 輕易備份設定。
  • 容許使用 LUA scripting 來編輯調控,如事件觸發動作。
  • 當和 TrueView Web Report® 一起使用時,更容易透過網絡偵錯。
  • 完全支援 Axis P3343 的 zoom 功能。

Cognimatics People Counter Web Screen


Cognimatics announces today the release of TrueView People Counter® 2.4 fully embedded for standard network cameras. The new version is better and more easy to use than ever before.

New features are:

  • Lower mounting height. The lower limit has been moved from 300 cm to 270 cm.
  • Support for low cost cameras Axis M3004 and M3005.
  • Better performance at shadow-intense conditions when using Axis P3367.
  • Support for wider counting areas for Axis M3204, M3114, and M3005.
  • Easy parameter backup.
  • Scripting on the camera using LUA. LUA scripts can be used to configure specific behaviors, such as triggering Axis events when a certain condition is met.
  • Better network troubleshooting when connecting to TrueView Web Report®.
  • Full zoom support in Axis P3343.


Cognimatics TrueView People Counter®

TrueView People Counter® 2.4 embedded for AXIS cameras



TrueView People Counter® is the leading product for foot traffic. It is built on the most advanced algorithms for intelligent video available in the world. TrueView People Counter® runs fully embedded in standard ceiling mounted network cameras and automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the camera and in which direction.

TrueView People Counter® offers a unique, cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install solution, that is 100 % IP based and built on standard off-the-shelf hardware. Using world leading embedded video processing software, all counting is done locally on the cameras dramatically reducing Ethernet bandwidth requirements and increasing system reliability.