Extricom 被 Stadia 選為大型場館的「必備品」

Extricom High Density Wi-Fi Experience


著名大型場館雜誌 Stadia 與2012年度選出十大大型場館必備的設備核技術,其中以用戶容量、無縫移動和穩定性見稱的 Extricom 被列入為

「必備品」之一,同時是唯一的 WiFi 技術產品。詳情請參閱該期 Stadia


Stadia Magazine


Extricom’s WLAN Chosen as One of 2012’s Must-Have Stadium Technologies

New York, NY – November 6, 2012 – Extricom, the manufacturer of enterprise wireless LAN providing seamless mobility, highest throughput and capacity, with their patented Channel Blanket™ architecture, has today announced that it was chosen by Stadia Magazine as one 2012’s ten must-have innovations for stadiums.

In response to the pervasive trend to technology-enable stadiums in order to turbocharge the live entertainment experience, Stadia asked suppliers, stadium operators, owners, and systems integrators to divulge the must-have technologies for any new or refurbished sports venue in 2012. Extricom’s Channel Blanket ™ WLAN was one of ten technologies chosen.

One of the criteria was proven credentials in the field. James Allen, event director of innovative MEN Arena in the UK commented in the article that

“With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, people expect Wi-Fi connectivity wherever they are. Extricom provided us with the capability to seamlessly connect thousands of concert-goers simultaneously.”


Amit Shvartz, Extricom’s VP of Marketing explained the success of Extricom’s WLAN in the LPV (Large Public Venue) vertical:

“Although adhering to the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard, our interference-free Channel Blanket architecture takes a completely new approach to the way the infrastructure is deployed.”

“Deploying 802.11 in a large public venue is highly challenging because such environments are characterized by very high user densities and bandwidth-hungry applications such as instant replay, which can generate very large amounts of traffic almost simultaneously. The LPV environment is also complex from an RF perspective. The metal used in the construction of LPV’s can cause signals to bounce in unpredictable directions while the large open spaces can also lead to higher co-channel interference between AP’s. A microcell WLAN architecture, used by most Wi-Fi vendors, is highly susceptible to these challenges, which can cause the thousands of LPV users to experience frustratingly slow connections, or no connection at all. The Extricom Channel Blanket architecture is immune to these problems.”


In addition to stellar performance, stadium owners and operators are looking for technology that is easy to deploy and maintain. That was another must-have to get onto the Stadia short-list. Yet enterprise WLAN’s are traditionally very challenging to install and optimize. Extricom’s technology is a welcome change in this regard as Shvartz explains:

“Stadium IT managers don’t need to be wireless experts as our technology absorbs what might ordinarily be thought of as the complexities of wireless … our ultra-thin AP’s require no cell-planning, no external power, nor individual configuration. Such ease of deployment enables a truly plug-and-play installation.”


The article can be found at www. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/6b11d2ed#/6b11d2ed/40