Communic Macau 2009 & Digital Life Carnival

Communic Macau 2009 & Digital Life Carnival

It is the first time for Leapa to appear in  Commnuic Macau 2009 & Digital Life Carnival. Held by Macau High Techology Industry Chamber, E-Commerce Association of Macau and Computer Chamber of Macau, the carnival attracted lots of Macau citizen and government offical. The carnvial aims to support the development of Macau SME by exhibiton, sales, forum, partnering and promotion.  Leapa is honored to have a Marketing Director, Mr. Yang Ying Hua from Azalea to present in the disucssion forum. Mr. Yang has been working in Azalea for 6 years and contributed in many China infrastructure projects including hotzone in Beijing, Shanghai and Beijing Olypmic, etc. He reviewed on the trend of deploying Wireless Mesh in Mainland China, where Azalea consistutes 70% market share, and the goverment’s awareness on public safety. Not only for internet access, high video quality for surveillance (“electronic police”) but also in high demand.  Beijing, Shaihai, ZhangDu, TianJin, HangZhou, KunMing, etc already have WiFi and more and more cities are calling for tender. He also updated on the co-operation of Azalea and CMCC (中國移動) by intergration of Wireless Mesh to 2/3G infastructure. Besides, Leapa is expanding her WiFi business in Macau by signing contract with local contractor.

Leapa's members worked in the carnival

Fig.1 Leapa’s members worked in the carnival.


Leapa CEO signed partnership agreement with local constractor.

Fig 2 Leapa CEO signed partnership agreement with local constractor. It was latter published in the newsletter.