Azalea Networks unwired Beijing Wanjing Technology Park


Situated in the northeastern region of Chaoyang District, Beijing , Wangjing Technology Park ( covers approximately 8 square kilometres, or 800 hectares. It is a technology park fulfilling needs of residencies, cultures, educations, scientific researches, and high-tech industries. Recently, phase 1 of deploying Azalea Wireless Mesh Network in the area has been completed, covering the Growth Enterprise Segment of the Technology Park . In near future, visitors, administrators, and occupants will be provided with wireless broadband both indoor and outdoor.

Requirements of Wangjing Technology Park Wireless Broadband project :

  • The wireless network of the technology park should be able to provide stable and reliable broadband network access to visitors, administrators and occupants anytime anywhere in the area covered.
  • High network security
  • The enterprise networks and the wireless network should be isolated
  • Highly expandable and extensible
  • As the technology park is in a stage of high-speed development, the WLAN should be highly expansible and extensible without difficulties.

Solution Overview

As wired networking solutions cannot completely fulfil the above requirements, as well as providing outdoor value-added services and keeping the network maintenance and operation cost down. Studies have been conducted on various technologies and found that Azalea’s wireless mesh network solution can completely satisfy the requirements of Wangjing Technology Park . The wireless network coverage solution for Wangjing is based on the principles of practicality, advance technology, stability, openness, scalability, security, availability and economy.

During Phase 1, not only that consideration has been made towards the current demands of services in the Growth Enterprise segment, but also that resource planning and reservation for the entire park have been made. With such consideration, planning and reservation, expansibility and inter-operability can be ensured, satisfying future demands from enterprises, including Motorola, Ericsson, Nortel and Agilent, for network availability in outdoor squares and ground floor lobbies, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, banks and other such business venues.

Technical Advantages

  • Adaptive Wireless Routing protocol is adopted, thus mesh network is more efficient over traditional technologies, and it can autonomously form, manage and repair itself.
  • Multiple-radio and multiple-frequency band and multiple channel planning are adopted, thus interference due to large-scale expansion of the wireless network is minimized.
  • Coverage is broader, with better stability and quality. Also, more access clients are supported. The multi-hop transmission capability further increases the network’s flexibility and self-healing capability.
  • The network can more effectively discriminate class of services and optimise transmission.
  • With newly created and integrated wireless security mechanisms, the remainder of the network can continue to work normally even when multiple nodes or branches malfunction.
  • With the use of network management system, users can visualize rapidly and conveniently the performance and status of the entire network.
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11a /b/g, no special client device or networking equipment is required.


With Phase 1 completed, network coverage is greatly increased, thus optimising the business environment and raising digital service levels in Wangjing. The success of this project has also proved that the stability, maturity and cost effectiveness of wireless mesh networking are broadly recognized.

Wangjing Technology Park

Fig 1.Total coverage and availability