V-Count Cloud Solutions and Mobile Services

V-Cloud and mobile service


  • V-Cloud analyses customer traffic with various metrics such as revenue and staff count automatically.
  • V-Cloud can also analyse the correlation between the weather and various metrics such as sales, traffic and transaction.
  • Marketing campaigns can also be incorporated into V-Cloud reporting system to measure the effectiveness of each event.
  • Reports generated by V-Cloud is user-friendly and easy to understand. Different types of tables, graphs and charts are used to exhibit the data collected for compare & contrast analysis of traffic in different locations, entrances and even between the weekdays and weekends. Any data or analysis can be exported to different formats like Excel and PDF easily.
  • E-mail notification can be set to inform managers when a store or door count reaches a certain number, or drops below a certain percentage.
  • Online Health Check System (OHC) is available on Cloud to keep track of all devices and ensure that all devices connected online at all times. If a device stops transmitting data, the OHC system alerts support team so problem will be handled on the same day.

Supported Languages

V-Cloud supports wide range of languages including English, Danish, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Serbian, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese and Bulgarian.

Mobile Applications

V-Count provides a mobile application that facilitate access of all retail intelligence data. Mobile application allows operation management on any smart device anywhere anytime with smart phone. It is available on both IOS and Android.


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