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自始利百安努力不懈,從世界各地搜尋和引入不同類型的優秀創新技術和產品,包括高效能WLAN架構、移動視像串流、分散式智能網絡視像監控、嵌入式視像分析解決方案、全方位行車記錄儀、電磁波防護和保安產品 … 等等。



see farther with Leapa …

Being one of the seed investors in the world’s most advanced wireless mesh company – Azalea Networks, Inc.1, Leapa Limited was founded in 2005 in Hong Kong to act as the sole regional distributor for Azalea Networks. We were the first to introduce the wireless mesh technology into Greater China.

Since then Leapa continues to introduce the latest innovations to the market that includes high-performance WLAN architecture, mobile video streaming, distributed intelligent IP video surveillance, embedded video analytic solution, intelligent video event data recorders for vehicles, RF security products, … etc.

We pride ourselves on not being just another box-moving distributor. Leapa is an one-stop shop for products, knowledge and expert services. We select only the best-of-breed products to help our partners and customers leaping forward into the future. Leapa has the knowledge to give our clients professional yet innovative advices. Leave your problems to us, and you can rest assured that you are ahead of competitors.


together we see farther

1. Azalea Networks, Inc. was acquired by Aruba Networks, Inc. in 2010


策略夥伴 Strategic Partner

Telecom Digital 電訊數碼


電訊數碼 Telecom Digital


三十年電訊業翹楚 Over 30 Years of Solid Experience in Telecom

  • 香港最大傳呼業務集團
  • The largest paging service provider in Hong Kong
  • 香港移動通訊組成合營公司「新世界傳動網
  • Joint venture with CSL to own and operate New World Mobility
  • 傳呼及流動電話客戶約三十萬
  • 300,000 paging and mobile users
  • 發射機2,000台,覆蓋省,港
  • 2,000 base stations covering Hong Kong and Guangdong Province
  • 門市遍佈全港
  • Retail outlets covering the whole Hong Kong
提供一站式電訊服務 One-stop Shop for Telecom Services

  • 個人及企業傳呼服務
  • Personal and enterprise paging services
  • 流動手提電話服務及銷售
  • Sales of mobile phones and service plans
  • 1551 IDD 直撥長途電話服務
  • 1551 IDD international call service
  • Mango 無線雙向數據服務
  • Mango two-way wireless data service
  • 客戶管理服務中心(CRM)
  • Customer Relations Management Service Centre
  • Apple, HTC, Motorola 和其他品牌的授權維修中心
  • Authorized Service Centres for Apple, HTC, Motorola, etc.

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